Polyurethane Industry Clinic

TechnoBiz is organizing "Polyurethane Industry Clinic" at PU Tech Arab 2021 to offer advisory services related to polyurethane processing. Well-experienced polyurethane processing experts and specialists are invited to offer advisory services for participants. This clinic is one of unique features at PU Tech Arab 2021, which is aimed to benefit all participants to get technical help for their process problems and projects. These consultants are available during the show period. All participants are encouraged to bring relevant data and pictures to support their questions so that they can get appropriate advice from these consultants.

Available Experts

Dr. Grażyna Mitchener, UK

Dr. Grażyna Mitchener is a director and principal consultant in Polychemtech Ltd. – a technical and business consultancy specializing in innovative PIR/PUR and other polymeric products and technologies. From 1996 to 2008 she worked for Celotex (UK), developing first in Europe PIR rigid insulation products, from initial idea to full scale manufacturing. For the first ten years of her career she was an academic researcher and lecturer in Poland, where she worked on high performance, fire and heat resistant polymers. She gained her Ph.D. in Polymer Chemistry and Technology in 1992. She is the author of 8 patents, over 30 scientific papers, several conference presentations and training workshops. For her contribution to the thermal insulation industry she was presented with the “Global Insulation Personality of 2014” award.

Dr. Joseph Marcinko, USA

Dr. Joseph Marcinko, USA is Principal Scientist and President of Polymer Synergies LLC, and Principal Scientist for BioPolymer Technologies, Ltd. Dr. Marcinko has over 30 years of industrial R&D, research management, and academic experience. His interests and expertise are in the areas of polyurethane chemistry, biopolymers, adhesion science, composite materials, polymer characterization, solid-state NMR spectroscopy, and polymer structure property relationships. He is an adjunct professor at Cumberland County College where he teaches Physical Science, Environmental Science, and Principles of Science. He also holds a secondary education teaching certification. Dr. Marcinko has authored over 30 publications, and has 6 patents and 7 patents pending.

M.A Naqi, Canada

M.A Naqi, Canada is Principal consultant and President of LinQ Tech Inc. based in Canada. A graduate in Science I started my career as ‘Production Manager ‘on a continuous Foaming machine at Poly Products LLC (Oman) between 1980 -2001 while directing the company from infancy to market leader in special foams, eventually became CTO in the company. During this period added a molded foam line as well as a rebonded foam line. I have developed formulations for all kinds of special foams, including soft and super soft grades with standard polyol, a unique pre-polymer dispensing system for rebonded foam which preludes cleaning of the pump and pouring tube. Started my own consultation company in 2001 assisting producers in Canada, Middle East and Asia, teaching foam production, adjusting formulations and talking at various shows and been involved in the industry for over 30 years.

Muhammad Shafiq Randhawa, Pakistan

Muhammad Shafiq Randhawa, Pakistan is Polymer and Chemical Professional with solid experience of Sixteen years in Production, R&D, management and production. Since 2015 he is working as General Manager (GM) on Polyurethane Production for Spray, Shoe, Panel, Cooler and wood Imitation Grade Polyurethane in one of the biggest PU production organizations Relaxo Pvt Ltd a project of Chawla Group in Pakistan. From 2011 to 2015 he worked as technical manager (energy care Pakistan) on Production of Rigid and Flexible Polyurethane, Polyethylene Foam, Polypropylene Injection Molding Compound, Water Proofing Chemicals, One Component and Two Component System, During tenure of 2004 to 2011(Diamond Foam Pakistan) he worked for the Production of Rigid and Flexible PU, slab stock foam, Polyethylene foam for packing & insulation, expanded polystyrene and extruded polystyrene, textile, paint grade and wood grade PVA. His strong academic background with Chemistry and MPhil in Polymers and now Ph.D. in Polymers too made him one of the strongest identity in the field of Polymers and Polyurethanes. He is trainer, production expert, writer as well as excellent researcher especially in the Shoe Grade and Insulation Grade PU field.

Dr. Zhijin Chen, USA

Dr. Jim Chen graduated from Lehigh University in the US with a PhD in Polymer Science and Engineering. His academic and research advisors include very well known names in the polymer field. Among them; Academician Wang Zeshan, a pioneer in the world of polyurethanes. Prof. Kurt C. Frisch; as well as emulsion polymer expert Prof. Andrew Klein. In his 25 year service in the adhesive industry, Dr. Chen was employed as a senior scientist, research manager and technical director for companies in US including the Henkel Corp, Franklin International and IFS Industries. Dr. Chen is an expert in the areas of polyurethane, emulsion polymer adhesives, and especially in hot-melt polyurethane adhesives (PUR) and raw materials. Dr. Chen holds seven PUR and emulsion polymer patents and now heads a fundamental raw material and PUR research firm in Wuxi China. The goal of his research firm “Bojin Polymer Research and Development” is to develop future complete solutions for PUR products from bench mark to manufacturing process. The total solutions include raw material development, polymer synthesis, manufacturing equipment, application tools and field troubleshooting.