Polyurethane Clinic
The "Polyurethane Clinic" is located inside exhibition hall. At this clinic, specialised Polyurethane and Foam Industry Consultants will be offering technical advisory services for all the participants of PU Tech Asia 2020. Interested visitors can meet and discuss their technical issues and projects with these consultants at the expo.

Available Consultants
Dr. Joseph Marcinko, UK: is Principal Scientist and President of Polymer Synergies LLC, and Principal Scientist for BioPolymer Technologies, Ltd. Dr. Marcinko has over 30 years of industrial R&D, research management, and academic experience. His interests and expertise are in the areas of polyurethane chemistry, biopolymers, adhesion science, composite materials, polymer characterization, solid-state NMR spectroscopy, and polymer structureproperty relationships. He is an adjunct professor at Cumberland County College where he teaches Physical Science, Environmental Science, and Principles of Science. He also holds a secondary education teaching certification. Dr. Marcinko has authored over 30 publications, and has 6 patents and 7 patents pending.

M.A Naqi, Canada is Principal consultant and President of LinQ Tech Inc. based in Canada. A graduate in Science I started my career as ‘Production Manager ‘on a continuous Foaming machine at Poly Products LLC (Oman) between 1980 -2001 while directing the company from infancy to market leader in special foams, eventually became CTO in the company. During this period added a molded foam line as well as a rebonded foam line. I have developed formulations for all kinds of special foams, including soft and super soft grades with standard polyol, a unique pre-polymer dispensing system for rebonded foam which preludes cleaning of the pump and pouring tube. Started my own consultation company in 2001 assisting producers in Canada, Middle East and Asia, teaching foam production, adjusting formulations and talking at various shows and been involved in the industry for over 30 years.

Are you an Independent Polyurethane Consultant?
At this zone, "Independent" Polyurethane and Foam Industry Consultants are invited to offer technical advisory services. A booth will be offered in this zone for these consultants.  This consultants zone is aimed to be an important platform to explore cooperation between consultants and PU and foam industries. If any consultant is interested, please contact us as soon as possible by email to technobiz.polyurethane@gmail.com