"Jobs & Classifieds Notice Board"
"Jobs& Classifieds Notice Board" is one of unique features of PU Tech Asia 2020. On this board, participants of    PU Tech Asia 2020 can use this notice board to publicise following things.
    # Job Opportunities in Polyurethane & Foam related Companies
    # Information on "Seeking Agents / Distributors in Southeast Asia" (fee-based for non-exhibitors)
    # Information on Availability of "Second Hand / Used Machinery" related to PU & Foams Processing
    # Information on Availability of Selling "Polyurethane / Foam Factories"
    # Information on Investment Opportunities in PU/Foam related Businesses
    # Information on Research Innovations for Industrial Partnerships to commercialize.

This noticeboard will be placed inside exhibition hall. Non-Exhibitors have to pay 500 US$ to post their information on "Seeking Agents/Distributors". Exhibitors can place any of the above things without any cost. All visitors can place any of above information without cost except "seeking agents/distributors".

Interested companies can send their information in single page and send email to technobiz.polyurethane@gmail.com with subject line"Jobs & Classfieds Notice Board.