Polyurethane Industry Educational Conference
  (Free Entry for Pre-Registered Visitors) (Venue: Conference Room in Exhibition Hall) (Language: ENGLISH)
  "Polyurethane Industry Educational Conference" at PU Tech Arab 2019 is an platform for all participants to listen and learn on both latest developments in processing as well as applied theory & troubleshooting aspects of polyurethane processing. Interested experts. specialists and technologists are invited to submit presentation topics, summary and profile as soon as possible. Selected experienced polyurethane consultants are invited to speak on processing control and troubleshooting topics as part of educational sessions. Each selected speaker will be given 20 min presentation slot.

Confirmed Conference Topics
# Structure / Property Relationships in Polyurethanes
# How Polyol Selection Affects PU Performance
# Isocyanates and How They are Made
# Polyurethane Adhesives Sealants and Binders
# Using Differential Scanning Calorimetry to Characterize Polyurethanes
# Using Dynamic Mechanical Analysis to Characterize Polyurethanes
# A primer on Flexible Molded  Foam
# Resolving pinholes problems on  Maxfoam machines
# Foaming Machines used to make flexible PU slabstock foam
# Phase Change Material: Uses in Flexible Slabstock Foam
# Hybrid Foam Mattresses: A novel way to break into the lucrative online business
# Flexible PU Foam: Troubleshooting Techniques
# One Component Rigid PU  Foam Technology
# Glycol based Polyols: Synthesis and Applications
# Rigid polyurethanes with improved fire performance
# Polyisocyanurate (PIR) Rigid Foam
# Improving Thermal Insulation of Rigid Polyurethane Foams
# Polyester polyols for rigid polyurethanes
# Application of FT-IR and FT-NIR techniques for quick and economic R&D and QC
# Novel applications of polyurethanes 

Conference Documentation will be available to purchase at TechnoBiz Counter.
Video/Photo Taking are strictly prohibited in the conference area.
  Remarks: The organizer reserves the right to adjust the program without prior notice due to unavoidable circumstances